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What is Yomogimushi?



 "Yomogi "means Mugwort and "mushi" means steaming in Japanese.

The treatment also known as V-steaming’ or ‘yoni steaming,’ involves sitting over a pot of hot, steaming water that is infused with herbs.


Yomogimushi has been around for centuries, and some say it can help increase energy, reduce stress, and balance hormones.


What makes our Yomogimushi so special is our organic and natural Chinese herbal blends as well as our special chairs made of 100% ocher soil.


The ocher soil used for these special chairs contains more than 40 kinds of rich minerals, yeast, and various enzymes, and is a very precious material that can only be found in one place in Korea. It also contains germanium and bioceramics, and the far-infrared heating effect of the ocher soil warms the body from the core.


※ Yomogimushi is not a medical treatment, and its effects may vary from person to person. Please consult your doctor if you have a pacemaker, high blood pressure, or a serious chronic disease. People who are pregnant, or in their menstrual period are not eligible to receive this treatment.

-About the herbs we use-

A blend of completely pesticide-free medicinal herbs grown in loess fields

Our salon uses the highest quality and safest Chinese herbs, blended and prepared by a Chinese herbalist with over 15 kinds of pesticide-free herbs from Korea, including mugwort.


In addition, the product has passed the 245 kinds of pesticide inspection by the Korean Food and Drug Administration

If you click on the image of the herb,

You can see the details of each effect and function

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